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来源:管理员  发布时间:2020-04-03


CNBM’s overseas staff and family members:





During the pandemic period, CNBM’s employees joined efforts to build the Great Wall of Steel for the prevention and control of the pandemic within the Group, assist in more than 70 anti-pandemic projects for the society, supporting greatly China’s economic and social development with high-quality work resumption. It can’t be done without your hard work. You have striven to meet the tight deadlines and step up production, and meanwhile have been very concerned about the domestic pandemic.Having overcome numerous difficulties to purchase and deliver materials for epidemic prevention, you have shown the culture of solidarity,persistence and mutual support of CNBM. During the pandemic period, the family members of overseas staff have provided the greatest understanding and support with practical actions of hard-working, ensuring the stability as ballast for every small family. Here, I would like to express my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to all overseas staff and family members of CNBM.


As the domestic pandemic situation is turning for the better continuously, CNBM’s production and operation has been back on track. However, we are concerned that the global pandemic situation is getting worse.Your companies and project teams are trying their best to prevent and control the pandemic as required by CNBM. We hope that you will continue to be unified, supportive, cooperative, and implement the prevention and control measures to be on the safe side, blocking the virus from coming in. You are not alone. CNBM will always be your strong backing and warm harbor. We will be working at full stretch to ensure your health and safety, and we will also doing our best to remove your worries left behind.




Being far away from home, you are our biggest concern. We hope that you can consciously comply with the local pandemic prevention and control requirements. You can also refer to the domestic experience. Specifically, you should go out less, wash the hands frequently, ventilate the rooms regularly, do not gather, keep a healthy diet, take moderate exercise and improve your own immunity. Please remember, your physical and mental health is the greatest comfort to your beloved ones at home, and is also the greatest contribution to the motherland.


We firmly believe that with the support of Chinese government and the solidarity of CNBM, we will surely win the final victory in the prevention and control of the overseas epidemic and embrace an ever brighter future!





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